BONGGGG: Cuckoo 1.2.0 is here.

Early yesterday morning I made the final build of Cuckoo 1.2.0 available for download. It wasn’t finished quite as early as I had hoped, but still in time for Christmas (and any other contemporaneous Yuletide celebration).

Fig. 1.  Screenshot: the Cuckoo 1.2 preference panel. (Click for detail.)

The new version includes the usual heap of bug fixes and unremarkable tweaks, and adds the following nifty new features:

  • For registered users: Cuckoo can now optionally toll the hour (that is, play the sound five times at 5:00) at the top of the hour. This is one of the most often requested Cuckoo features, the other being different sounds at different times.1
  • Includes a new clock-tower sound called “Campanile”—quite effective when tolling the hour as described above. BONGGGGG. (Because it’s built in to Cuckoo, this sound is available in Cuckoo’s free mode.)
  • Finally, the de rigeur background checking for software updates. If the appropriate box is checked, Cuckoo will check the toastycode website every few days for new releases. If an update is available, the Cuckoo preference pane will open automatically and you’ll be given the opportunity to download the new version—or ignore or defer it. Cuckoo won’t make any changes to your system (you’ll have to double-click the new version to install it) and no personally-identifying information is be sent in the update query. 2

Please download the new version, and then consider stopping by iUseThis to vote for Cuckoo. Happy holidays!

1I’ve been slow to add these two features because of the impact they’ll have on Cuckoo’s straightforward user interface. What you see in 1.2.0 is sort of a stop-gap solution; I’m not entirely happy with it, but it accomplishes the bare minimum to allow tolling the hour, and I wanted to get the functionality out there for everyone to use.

2(Other independent Mac developers may wonder why I’m not using the excellent Sparkle framework by Andy Matuschak; in this case, I wanted something a little lighter weight that, uh, works with preference panes.)

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