The toastup! blog is powered by WordPress, which I have been using since 2004 (earlier still if you count b2). The blog’s current (2007) design is based heavily on the ubiquitous Hemingway.

The typefaces used in the original “toastup!” logotype are ATF Antique (the slab-serif freefont used in the toastycode logo) and Avenir. The toast depicted is whole wheat bread, toasted to a level 3 darkness in an Oster two-slice silver toaster oven, spread with orange marmalade.

Everything on is served piping hot by DreamHost, which is sort of the American Apparel of web hosting: quirky, reasonably-priced, employee-owned and operated in sunny Los Angeles. 


This is the toastycode software development blog, where you can read about new versions of toasty Mac software including TapeDeck (a handy new audio recorder), Cuckoo (customizable clock chimes for your Mac), Pyrothèque (a loving restoration of the fireworks screen saver), and LCD Scrub (soothing salve for burned-in flat-panel displays).

Questions? Suggestions? Complaints? Breakfast recipes? Send them by email.