Liquid crystal displays are susceptible to image persistence—what we used to call “burn-in” on old CRT monitors. Leaving any image (including your system’s desktop icons, windows, and menus) on-screen for too long can cause unsightly ghost images to set in.

Unlike CRTs, however, LCDs with image persistence can be repaired with special video patterns. This saves the cost of buying a new display, or (in the case of a laptop) an expensive repair.

That’s why toastycode brings you…

LCD Scrub icon


Because we want to make it easier for regular Mac users to fix their burned-in displays without hours of Internet research and a lot of setup hassle.

Read about the experience that led to the creation of LCD Scrub.



  1. Download the LCD Scrub zip archive using the links at right. Double-click to extract LCD Scrub.saver; double-click again to install.
  2. Choose one of LCD Scrub’s available repair pattern sequences.
  3. Wait. Scrubbing typically takes an hour or two to start showing results, and 6–12 hours or more to entirely remove a residual image.

Press and praise.

This was HIGHLY effective on my image persistence. Took about 24 hours total to scrub it clean. Way to go! —Steve D., USA, June 2008.
After following these instructions (I left the screensaver on overnight as I slept) I was pleased to see that I could barely see the persistence anymore … Overall, I was pleased that this application actually functioned as advertised … —Greg Healy, writing for MacApper, June 2008.
I just wanted to say Thank You. Your LCD Scrub Screensaver saved my 24" iMac… I have to admit that when I found your software on Mac Update I was kinda skeptic. My skepticism was still there when I tried it, but then I came across the story of how you invented it and as soon as I read it, I was yours. Your LCD had exactly the same kind of problem I had to face, but in my case I let an high contrast background image run for too long (a picture of two skyscraper i took in NYC) and the activation of the screensaver was too much delayed. So I bought a license … and I ran it for 5-6 hours yesterday. Guess what ! This morning I turned the iMac on to found that the pesky skyscraper image I used to see in transparency was completely gone! Even when I tried a solid pale blue bg (the most affected color in my case), no trace of persistency. Holy smokes! Your wizardry worked! —Camillo M., Italy, May 2008.   (see also his article for TheAppleLounge about LCD Scrub)
LCD Scrub might just save you the cost of a new display. It's the fluoridated water of screensavers: secretly doing good behind the scenes. —Michael Rose, in his review for The Unofficial Apple Weblog, April 2008.
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